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We aspire to set the example of what a trusted consulting company is and should be. Our vision is realized on a daily basis by our commitment to our core covenants: Integrity, Professionalism, and Excellence. These covenants are the essential elements of our high-performing experts and are integrated into our services and day-to-day operation.

Consult to result, we are not a Consultancy that prepares a large academic document merely submitted to the client. We actually engage with his work if required and implement the business model we are offering until the business is well-established in the success phase.

The uniqueness of KANZ is the ability to operate in high risk, high volatile territories, where information are limited and cultural barriers are present.


KANZ represents a network of professional experts working together with passion and commitment to become the industry leader in Market Intelligence, business development, Bench marking, Branding and Strategic Advisory services. It achieves this by developing and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, experts, and partners.


KANZ is a bespoke consulting services company offering high quality services to enable small and medium size companies to explore and develop business opportunities in fast growing emerging markets. KANZ is able to operate with its clients in these local markets and manage projects for clients, allowing them to reduce operating costs and increase revenues.


Our Mission is to offer our clients full market information based on the local knowledge in overseas where cultural differences and difficult access to information can be found. We provide our clients with exceptional value supported by our robust capabilities which allows us to maintain close relationships with our network of experts and partners, yet we are small enough to be flexible in our services and guarantee a high level of personal attention, commitment and satisfaction.

Our team

We are a diversified team of highly qualified experts in different fields, management, market development, intercultural communications, social development and society integration and many other fields. Our team comes from different backgrounds and nationalities, such as the UK, France, Germany, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, Canada, Sweden & Italy.

Why KANZ ?

  • Proven experience delivering services to a wide range of companies and institutions.
  • Capablities to operate in emrging high risk markets,
  • High-quality consultants from a rich network of top professionals and experts in their field.
  • Flexibility to shift allocation of resources and address changing needs.
  • Consult to result a unique service offered by KANZ demonstrating our commitment to our clients and our own core values.
  • Better value with excellent service quality and added value compared to  traditional consulting companies



We are a consulting and advisory company. Tell us about your objectives and we will provide the strategic direction, involving the right experts, so that you can focus on core strategies to benefit your business. We offer full and comprehensive advice on business development and market penetration in emerging territories.



Understanding political environment, economy, financial system , legal and social structure give KANZ the ability in these emerging complex markets, as there are often hidden information, statistics and local commercial information which can be either hard to gather or unclear.    


In complex and emerging markets it sometimes difficult to understand the local mentalities, business negotiations techniques and market trend & reaction.  KANZ opens those doors and offers the right advice for the decision makers to construct and implement their final strategy. We aim to reduce costs, increase revenues and push the business forward.


In addition to the Development task, KANZ goes a step further " the implementation"  of local operation with our clients, by implement our advice, plans, supervise them and move forward in the market with the local operators, with hands on activity and business ownership  in the territory of operation.


Creating the right strategy for any project, task force or a road map is a necessity in any market. Understanding emerging and high risk markets, and complex economies give KANZ a unique edge of proper planning and execution. Showing the right ability to assess the market, give our client a clear picture of what to expect, in some case we advise of the "NOT's" and some the go a head market entry.


Having the right team of people, understanding the local habits, laws and culture in these emerging markets.

Western training programmes and schools teaching about negotiations, in many case may not apply in these markets, especially when it comes to cultural differences,  complex projects, contracts, distribution agreements or projects start-ups.


In emerging markets hospitality business needs a lot of improvement, KANZ can provide the right insight for these markets, either in the Hotel, SPA or food business.

We guide our clients on their journey to deliver extraordinary customer experiences and achieve financial success through the contribution of our passion, talent, innovative and our collective culinary & management experience.

Bench Marking

Benchmarking For Excellence (BFE) was established to provide excellent service and value for money to organizations in pursuit of sustained improvement in performance and Excellence. BFE brings together experts who have a track record of outstanding achievement in Total Quality Management and Business Excellence with 20+ years of experience 'at the sharp end' delivering real business solutions within industry, government and commerce.

MEDIA consulting

KANZ limited has a unique advantage in certain markets to offer the necessary media advise and consulting services, as our team of experts has been working with several reputable TV broadcasting channels and News Papers. Working with top brands TV channels and News papaers KANZ offer also the necessary media services which includes all necessary hardware and Public relations. Our network of representative makes the business possible and successful. KANZ-Final-Logo-250px



Headquarter: 4th Floor, 1 Knightrider Court, St Pauls, London, EC4V 5BJ
Lebanon Branch: Second Floor, Suite 2029 Louis Vuitton Building, Beirut Souks Allenby Street-Beirut
Turkey Branch: Koza Mah.1655. No: Esenkent Mevkii, Sanayi, 6. Yol Sk., 34538 Esenyurt-İstanbul

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